My Next Adventure

A few months ago I decided to take some time off to reconnect with friends, family and hobbies that I had lost touch with over the past few years. It was so great to see people I haven’t seen for far too long and do things that I had been meaning to do for years, like taking an amazing trip to Alaska with my uncle and rekindle my love of mountain biking.

My original plan was to start exploring new opportunities this Fall, but over the summer I had the chance to meet the brilliant team at Imgur and learn more about what they’ve been building. If you’re not familiar with Imgur (pronounced “Image-er”), think of it as “YouTube for images.” Like YouTube, its a super simple way to share and discover the web’s most popular content, in this case images and memes. And again like YouTube, there’s a passionate and fast-growing community of over 140 million “Imgurians” who use the service to laugh together, cry together,find inspiration together, make things together, fund video game development together, and ponder life’s most important questions together, primarily through the 1.5 million images that are uploaded every day.

The Imgur story is fascinating: Alan Schaaf created Imgur as a “gift” to Reddit when he was a student at Ohio University. The service quickly grew in popularity and emerged as the source for most of what eventually goes viral across the web, all while being operated incredibly efficiently: the team earned TechCrunch’s “Bootstrapped Company of the Year” two years in a row.

But the team knows there’s a massive opportunity to help billions of people discover and share the web’s most entertaining content, so they just took their first round of funding this year from Andreessen Horowitz, adding Success Factors founder and a16z partner Lars Dalgaard to their board in the process. Huge win all around.

They’re also investing in helping businesses put Imgur to work, like helping America’s Funniest Video celebrate their 25th season. Which leads to my news: I’m joining Imgur as VP of Market Development and today’s my first day. I’ll be working on growing Imgur’s presence and relationships with businesses and helping them contribute entertaining, inspirational and valuable content that makes the Imgur experience better than ever for Imgurians. I’m honored and flattered to have been invited to join the team, and look forward to seeing my industry friends out in the market soon.

And with that, let’s get the party started 🙂

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